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It wasn’t a thing that got my mind this much, before I’ve got the new camera 2 weeks back. Now I’ve realized it’s a new world to explore. A new career. Photography is a great way to capture anything in a different way/view. Photos speak, making stories and creates a whole new sense. One can understand that by just visiting a popular photo sharing site and seeing how many images and photographers you see.

The revolution came with Digital Cameras. Now anybody can shoot anywhere, in any moment. Any person can be a great photographer or in my words, a moment capturer. An image shot by a 14 year old girl can win over a matured photographer’s image. All because of this Digital Camera Era.

You don’t need to visit Kandy or Down South to capture moments. It’s all your imagination. I know still I’m not that imaginative with photographic eye. But one can just understand that by looking at some great pictures on internet.

I’m looking forward cheerfully to capture many many great moments through my camera.

Because moments go away with a flick of an eye
and never come back…

Check out these sites if you would like to explore this Marvelous World of Photography

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Mixed guide of success

Here are some points that are helpful for one who needs to improve him/herself consistently. You could change the order of them since all they are equally important. Sticking to these will surely make everyday better.

  • Identify your skills
  • Identify your weaknesses
  • Find why you’re weak and why you’re strong
  • Once you’ve found the reason, build a plan to strengthen your weaknesses
  • Always think that you’re becoming more powerful
  • Simplify your problems
  • Accelerate and use your skilled areas when ever possible
  • Learn what is “Out of box thinking”
  • Avoid the thought “Can’t”
  • Make yourself the “Super Hero” of your world
  • Plan your future, make them work and cheer as hard as you can
  • Earn only for what you’ve served
  • Help out the people who need help
  • Never expect return for what you’ve given others
  • Learn to Love and to be loved

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