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Kings, Queens, Presidents, Ministers, High ranking officers, CEOs, Managers, Engineers, Executives Regular office workers, Clerks, Janitors, unemployed bachelors and simply, any animal that has a brain functioning correctly; have a diverse range of expectation(s) of there Lives.

Why I listed a bunch of designations, is to stress out the point that all of us are having the same kind of needs from our lives regardless of the status, wealth, prestige, or any other issue. Think of a President whose responsibility is to take decisions that would take a country to a better state. Think again, of a Gatekeeper who is doing his repetitive job everyday. Now can you think of a difference on these two human beings? Yes that’s simple. Both are in two different extremes where president is the top most civilian in a country and the gatekeeper is just a 1 in thousands of normal workers. But both have a common feeling. That is “Expectation”.

I have heard people say “Hey, see that guy. He is a millionaire. But he’s just useless and has no life. He doesn’t enjoy as much as we do. Because, you know? He’s not like us. We do know people, be with friends, party and spend time with all of the guys. But just look at him! He doesn’t know anyone, hasn’t got friends, no parties and no nothing men”. Well that would be what you see from outside. Maybe he would be enjoying his work, more than we do. Maybe he would be having fun with people that he’s dealing with, more than we do. Maybe he’s a happier man than any other.

All this is because he has achieved what he really need. His expectations are accomplished. It is impossible to judge a person by his external outfit or behavior. Never judge people for no reason, unless your profession is to recruit personnel to an organization.

The lesson of the day is to;

  • Have expectation in life
  • Plan how to fulfill them
  • Happy when you are successful
  • Never be jealous of people because of
    • They have met their expectations
    • For not being able to meets your expectations

Expectations cannot be compared. Don’t apply theory of relativity to this. So think again, without wasting your precious time of reviewing, commenting, and researching on other’s pros and cons. Remember that you are given two eyes to look at anything in multiple views. Because a thing that is good for you isn’t be the same for another.

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A lot of things happen in a day of mans life. Some are for good and some are for bad. No one knows next one’s kind. It’s up to the Man to solve things out. Now, these things would sound just sense useless for someone. But believe me, most of them are very small things that people misses to understand which cause big problems.

Man always faces wars. Life itself is a one big war. Your Skills are your Weapons. Your experience is Your Intelligence. Your Friends are your Re-enforcements. Your loved ones are your commanders. The additional part here is that, you do some of work for your commanders and some for yourself. The decisions are on your hand.

Planning will make you win more easy. Neither your Commanders nor your Intelligence could win the war. It’s only the right mixture of Weapon selection, Use of Intelligence, Right decisions and re-enforcements on correct time makes you win the battle.

Of course just like in wars, sometimes you need to take hard decisions. But you must help yourself out to make good decisions. Hard and Easy differs from Good and Bad. Think about that!

You must rule yourself if no proper commanding is there for you. Chances are there sometimes that re-enforcements units are not available. Can’t help! you must survive somehow. Perhaps re-enforcements units needs some of themselves to hold on. Help out them in every way you can.

Do not think that your weaponry is enough forever. Add more everyday. Keep track of your intelligence. Never under/over estimate it. Always listen to your commanders. They would sound inappropriate. But remember, they have gone through the same war more than you have gone.

Anyway just to warm things up, we’ll talk about something else.

War in Sri Lanka makes no sense. What? makes no sense? no! it does makes sense. But you know, if something is done over and over again, it gets normalized (Not the correct word though). So the war is just another part of every man. There are clashes everyday, people killed in double figures. Nobody cares. One could ask, what should we do? Yeah! true. There are only few things that we can do about that. The politicians have to do something. Because it’s there JOB. Just like what every man/woman do in offices, politicians job is to manage, administrate and handle country’s issues. I wonder how many of the cabinet do these.

Terrorism. Business. Politics. They are not inter-related. Huh! But yes it is, in Sri Lanka. It’s all related. The so called ethnic problem is made up of these three ingredients. No need to mention how these are related here, as I do not won’t to attack anyone. But truth hurts.

However, my last hope and kind request from all of the government/ non-government/ terrorist/ non-terrorist people out there is:

“Please do think of the future! Don’t make our next generation blame us. We all die someday, So do good as long as you live! Because it will make the next day more beautiful! The only nationality is the human-kind.”

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