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The Queqe to Hell

Hello all,

Read this and guess what this is.

I see the old class room ceiling which was full of holes… as bright beams of sun light came through them.

I see the road besides the gate, which was fixed 3 months ago but now its worse than before.

I see a child crying as her mother struggles to be in the queue… who knows why the baby cries.

I can feel a cold wind in this fresh morning but no one seems to feel it’s freshness.

I see a bus passing by as bunch of men jumped off because it didn’t stop.

I see some army men petrolling with some smiles in there faces as if they were one only people who could feel.

I see some men, each of them wearing different colored dresses as the dishonest grins could hardly fade off their poverty.

I glanced at the sheet for one last time, and threw it to bin after tearing for pieces, as I let the queue to mark their way off to hell.

Well, I’m not good in grammar and I’m not a poet as well. Please bear with me for that and enjoy.

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I saw some posts listed on kottu regarding an issue of copying blog posts (gedi pitin) and publishing on so called national newspapers without adding proper references. I have seen this several times and also It’s becoming an issue. Not only they copy from blogs but from several places such as Wikipedia as an example.

I wonder why these reporters or writers or whatever they call themselves cannot make something new? Why can’t they be creative? At least when they copy something, can’t they give a reference? Why Sri Lankan media is acting like this? Just because that you can find any damn thing from the Internet, you should not use this like toilet papers. By the way, we would rather like to surf the net, than reading newspapers with printed version of our own blogs.

It is not the first time this happened and it’s not in the other countries too. Most foreign newspapers have there own newspaper blogs. There were incidents that some of these newspaper bloggers have done the same thing that SL media people have done.
Links :
1) Can newspapers do blogs right?
2) Washington Post Blogger Quits After Plagiarism Accusations

I suggest there should a separate editor or a censoring board for every newspapers who’s responsible of getting the reference information right. The person would have good computer/internet media literacy.I’m not blaming all media people out there, but for one’s who copy stuff and paste as if they created the whole thing. I bet now all bloggers would add a Copyright notice on there blogs.

One last thing to say with a warning! “Stop the Bloody Copying”, if you aren’t going to say from where you copied the stuff. It’s good for both you and me.

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A 3 way Systematic Attack on United States Government, Transportation and Economy in the basis of “Everything must go”. John McClane is going to stop it this time. It’s Die Hard 4.0. The best in the series so far as I see. Also in United States it’s a PG-13 rated movie since Die Hard 1,2,3 were rated R or smiler as I remember. Good story, good action, good camera and special effects.

I don’t want to put the plot outline here as you can find it from IMDB. Anyways as a summery it’s a great action + techno thriller film for me. The film will attract groups of fans including good old Die Hard fans, Action fans and Tech / Science Fiction fans. It’s a possible thing that could be happened to any country which heavily depends on Technology.

Why you are still waiting? Watch it, wait and try to compare with big hits; Transfomers and Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix.

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A propaganda is building up against current government of Sri Lanka. Some people are on Human Rights Violations and some people on Economy Downfall. Both are crucial for a country and not very well managed here in Sri Lanka as far as I feel.

Even all of us accept the fact that Politicians created and fertilized all these problems in Sri Lanka, we still hear their voice, we still accepts and believe what they say on media, we still applause and support them and after all, we go and vote for them. At the end of the day, same thing repeats and country towards dead pool.

In fact, Politicians are unable to;
– Control the economy
– Control Terrorism or Continue Peace process
– Do developments that truly helps people
– Work without any smuggling or underhand commissions
– Strengthen government work force to compete with private sector
– and so much said and unsaid issues…

Just think, Does a man working in a private sector company as an executive or smiler job, would ever be safe with his job, if he fails to do whatever he is appointed/assigned to do? The very next day, he will be fired. Thats the way it is happening. But, politicians can smuggle people’s money, destroy what works well, encourage terrorists and violence, break their own promises and still be in the same position after the next damn election. Why people can’t understand this. On the other hand, they can jump from/to any place. They have no permanent opposition. When they are attacked or when they see an opportunity, they Jump like the Monkeys and people accepts them like Hero’s.

Statistics shows over 90% Literacy rate for Sri Lanka. Most of the countries in that range are well developed. Well we are not there yet. Why? because of people’s bad decisions. It’s a shame that we have to choose the best next to worst political parties now. We do have choises, but all are worst cases. We have to choose who is the best from a pool of idiotic parties.

Stop being bulls and think about the future. Erase all the politicians who you think is not up to the standard. Give the opportunity for anyone who is actually willing to do good to Sri Lanka. Only we can save Sri Lanka. Not politicians. So act accordingly and responsibly.

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