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[#1] Music is my Life

As my parents are and ancestors were in music industry, my ideal profession and my never changing will is in Music. I find answer to every question and cure for every problem in Music than any other. It drives me, it cures me and it improves me.

[#2] Country and people that I admire

I have heard some people saying India is an ugly place to live, this and that. I have never been to India, but all I know is that, it has a great Culture, great People, Worlds Greatest Arts (Music, Dancing, Cinema and etc) and the list will go on and on.

[#3] Keep things Clear and Simple

I do like to keep every problem and question clear and simple, though some are more complex and dangerous. I think it’s one of my good attitude even some may say it’s not.

[#4] Bad Temper

I tend to loose my temper, in most cases Unnoticeable to people. Because I pretend to be normal in situations and trying to keep things cool.

[#5] I’m Not a Blind Believer

It is my unintended behavior that I don’t believe in things just because they are believed by others. I think that’s why I’m spontaneously a Buddhist rather than becoming a good old worshiper calling oneself a Buddhist.

[#6] Long time No Dreams and Short Term Dream Memory Loss

I hardly dream when sleeping though thousands of day dreams are there. Do not know why, but even if I see one, I surely forget that when I wake up.

[#7] All-Rounder

I’ve got inter-school all island awards for Kandiyan Dancing representing my school dancing group. Even though I devoted most of my time on that, I did Western Music as the Arts subject for GCE O/Ls and I’ve got awards for Singing. well, not in national awards ceremonies. Even though my family background drives toward Music, I’m an IT graduate working in a successful IT company. After all, this post sounds that I’m an Asian classical person who loves Indian music and very calm, groups like SOAD (System Of A Down) are there in my personal top 100 hit list.

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