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Two thumbs up!

Sikuru Hathe

“Sikuru hathe”, a good comedy movie that can be rated 8 out of 10 stars. It will make new benchmark standards in Comedy films of Sri Lanka as it beats all idiotic dry joke films from so called big directors. Apart from very few unwanted jokes in the last few scenes, it makes all the audience laugh in more than 70% of the total screening time. The screen play is brilliant. The main actors are well suited to the films characters. The The background music is pleasingly fine. Scenes and camera is in acceptable range (Up to Sri Lankan standards).

After all it was a good break for me, as I broke a my-own-rule “not to watch local films again”, after I watched some disgusting, very low quality local films last year.

I think this film that will kick some Big Named (Big Headed), cartoon style, funny film makers in Sri Lanka for sometime. I still wonder, would there be some more brainless, idiotic, tickle-yourself-to-laugh type films to be released. But all hopes for the Sikuru Hathe – 2.

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East West – Greatest Hits

Since I’ve been tagged again by Shehan I would like to present Albums of Ten Artists that I would take, if I was marooned in a deserted island. Okey okey, I was tagged for 5. why 10? well, 5 for English and 5 for Hindi. Simple!


#1 Marc Anthony

He has a soul touching voice and he’s undoubtedly one of the best singers now in industry. Has a vast range on his singing scales and you can embrace his voice at anytime. It’s refreshing.

#2 Beyonce

No need to tell about her. One of the best performers that I’ve seen. She has the perfect singing ability which comes with the dancing as well. Drives crazy… thats all.

#3 Collection of Greatest Hits by BSB, West Life and Blue

Even if you like or not. I need all them. Millions of people love these bands and I love them too. I call them as Legends.

#4 Collection of Greatest Hits by BoneyM and Abba

Forgive me for the 2nd time. I actually have such a collection. Only mp3 not Audio. he he. I think these 2 bands changed the Pop, Disco and Dance-pop Genres. I love many of there songs and you never feel that they are old.

#5 Linkin Park

Electronic + Rock = Whole World Rockz….! Thats it. They know how to blend Rocks with Electronic and when you hear the songs in full capacity, your body starts to Rock too.


#1 Sonu Nigam

If I need say another name to a “Greatest Singer who has a miraculous voice and born with singing ability”, It’s Sonu Nigam. Western or Eastern, Bengali or karnatic, Acting or Dancing. He’s done all these perfectly and he’s continuing to do as well. He’s got many Awards for best playback singer. I think he’s the current best Singer in India (in the world i would say).

#2 Shaan

What a voice and what a performer. he’s one who has a different voice with extraordinary singing style. Got some Filmfare awards recently too.

#3 Chitra

Perfect singing with outrageous singing capacity and range. What a Voice! What a Skill and how miraculously is her constancy.

#4 Sunidhi Chauhan

I would say in just one phrase “This voice claims that The future of Indian Music Industry is so clear!”

#5 Alka Yagnik

One of the Mostly loved, Admired female singers who is also consistent till today. More words are needless to explain the capability and the work that has been done by Alka. Among all them above; Srinivas, Unni Krishnan, Shankar Mahadevan are some of the other best vocaists who have the skills and sung great songs for India.

Images : courtesy of Wikipedia.org and bbc.co.uk and other sources from Google Search.

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