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I was just hit by an idea to have a list of games that I played since I first got a PC. While I was making this list, it was so obvious to put it in the blog, as I haven’t updated it for long time.

It was the year 1993 (17 years ago), when my uncle was kind enough to give me a PC which only had DOS installed. My cousin who was a computer genius to me at that time, managed to install some games on it and showed me how to run them. I just had to start the PC and type;

C:\>cd games
C:\>cd prince

This started “Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame“, my very first PC gaming experience.


Some of the other games that I played in that period (from 1993 to early 2000) were;





Need for Speed

Need For Speed History (1995 – 2007)


The Need for Speed 2 Intro that rocked in those days


Duke Nukem


WWF Wrestlemania – The Arcade Game


Populous: The Beginning


There are more to be added. I will add more when I remember and find more info about them.

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