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Dear all my Friends in E-Solutions,

I really do appreciate all the support that you all gave me during this time and for the present that is quite memorable!

Hope to keep in touch, even though we aren’t work in the same place.

My special thank goes to the management of E-Solutions and E-Nitiative and more specially;

Nuwandika – Who supported me in the best way one can do (what else to say?).
Janesh – Who assisted me so well and being a very good friend 😛.
Gert – Who is a good friend and assigned me great no. of new events 😛, that gave me all the experience.
Fred – Who is a good friend and not much events but bigger ones. 😀

I’m going to miss you all very much as this was one of the best times I’ve had ever.

Best regards and thank you all again!
Harshadewa Ariyasinghe

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