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  • 256 or 512 MB? Never compare VGA cards by Video Memory. What matter are the features it has such as Core Clock Speed, Memory Bandwidth, DirectX and Shader Model. Higher video memory provided good features will help you to run games in higher resolutions in big monitors.
  • Gmail is the best web based e-mail service provider among all others. Ex: (Handy rules, Colorful and Meaningful Labels, Star facility, Lightning fast Mail Searching, Archiving, Unmatchable Contact and Group management and etc)
  • AMD processors have no heating issues compared to Intel processor. Also it is so slightly under-perform Intel and comparatively cheaper too.
  • There’s no difference in almost all search results within Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines. Try searching a simple search keyword in all 3 search engines to test.
  • EBay is one of the best online market places to buy things (new or used) for lesser price although the buyer should be more conscious and intelligent to buy right thing from right seller. It’s also a best place to get an idea of prices of goods as well.
  • You lose 80% of correct search results by using phrases instead of keywords. Always use keywords such as “digital camera buying guide” instead of “What are the things to consider when buying a digital camera”.
  • RSS (Atom) feed is the fastest and easiest way of keeping track of latest content (news) updates.
  • You can find excellent free and open source software’s for any (Major/Minor) purpose that you are looking for. From Operating systems to Text comparison tools, there are more than enough free software applications that you can download from the Internet.
  • Firefox is the best web browser ever. Personally I haven’t seen or heard of any person who moved from Firefox to IE because of any reason. But the vice versa happens every day. Frankly there are quite a lot of features and convenience that Firefox adds to your browsing experience that needs a separate blog post.
  • When it comes to general day to day point & shoot photography, almost all people now look for Digital Cameras. For me, Canon has the best collection of cameras from amateur to veteran photographer and also Canon has the best colors among all other brands. Sony is also good for fast shooting (faster auto-focus lock) when it comes to point and shoot cameras.
  • When it comes to Professional Photography, Canon and Nikon are the titans who battles for the Best DSLR cameras (Digital Single Lens Reflect) title. One can say Canon is the best and another can say Nikon. But in my view, Canon has good colors, more Lenses to choose from and value for price where Nikon offers more quality for higher prices. By the way Olympus, Sony, Fuji, Pentex are some other DSLR camera brands.
  • When buying a camera (Point and Shoot or DSLR), never go behind Mega pixels. Always see the Picture Quality, Zooming factor, Low Light Shooting quality, Ergonomic Design and Power Saving ability above all other aspects.
  • Mobile Phone Mania
    • Nokia = durability + innovative set of features + excellent 2nd hand market
    • Sony Ericsson = Faster, better quality camera, better quality music, good set of features
    • Motorola = Sleek and elegant designs + durability
  • Blogspot owned by Google is the best place for novice bloggers where WordPress is good for professional bloggers. Never to forget that there are better blogging services available. But they aren’t free.
  • If you are a Gamer (PC), always make sure you buy games from good developer. EA or Electronic Arts Games (the best known game developers), Activation, UbiSoft, Microsoft, LionHead Studios are top on the list. Just make sure the CD/DVD game you buy has a logo of one of the mentioned developers.

The list could go on and on and on. But I will update this when I find something interested to put. Always welcome your comments and suggestions.

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