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Two thumbs up!

Sikuru Hathe

“Sikuru hathe”, a good comedy movie that can be rated 8 out of 10 stars. It will make new benchmark standards in Comedy films of Sri Lanka as it beats all idiotic dry joke films from so called big directors. Apart from very few unwanted jokes in the last few scenes, it makes all the audience laugh in more than 70% of the total screening time. The screen play is brilliant. The main actors are well suited to the films characters. The The background music is pleasingly fine. Scenes and camera is in acceptable range (Up to Sri Lankan standards).

After all it was a good break for me, as I broke a my-own-rule “not to watch local films again”, after I watched some disgusting, very low quality local films last year.

I think this film that will kick some Big Named (Big Headed), cartoon style, funny film makers in Sri Lanka for sometime. I still wonder, would there be some more brainless, idiotic, tickle-yourself-to-laugh type films to be released. But all hopes for the Sikuru Hathe – 2.

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A 3 way Systematic Attack on United States Government, Transportation and Economy in the basis of “Everything must go”. John McClane is going to stop it this time. It’s Die Hard 4.0. The best in the series so far as I see. Also in United States it’s a PG-13 rated movie since Die Hard 1,2,3 were rated R or smiler as I remember. Good story, good action, good camera and special effects.

I don’t want to put the plot outline here as you can find it from IMDB. Anyways as a summery it’s a great action + techno thriller film for me. The film will attract groups of fans including good old Die Hard fans, Action fans and Tech / Science Fiction fans. It’s a possible thing that could be happened to any country which heavily depends on Technology.

Why you are still waiting? Watch it, wait and try to compare with big hits; Transfomers and Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix.

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