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A lot of people travel by bus and train where some people use their own vehicles. But some vehicle owners prefer public transportation or office transportation services (mostly vans) to save some bucks that you spend on fuel.

Now, there is another option for those who like smooth, cool and decent way of traveling to office. The CityLiner. I liked the name in the first place and to my surprise the service is great too.

The service started off on March 2009 and failed due to some reasons that I don’t know. Most probably due to less interest on people.

It has been re-launched now and I seriously hope that it will be a success. I’ve traveled in CityLiner for about a week now and I can tell you it’s more convenient than using Public, Office or your own way of Transportation.

One could argue that it’s similar to Intercity AC bus service and why do you have to pay more to CityLiner?

But the reasons are that today’s intercity bus service is much similar to normal bus service. They stop everywhere. They load people to such extent where people pop out of the door as soon as it’s oppened.

The differences I see in Intercity and Normal bus services are that it has an AC system (that would’ve been great, had it worked properly), and the size and the no.of seats are smaller than a Layland bus.

All you have to do is call and specify where you should be picked up (if you are living between Moratuwa – Fort) and simply get on the bus at the agreed time.

See the CityLiner route on map

The service would operate from Moratuwa, from  6.40AM to 800AM at 20 minutes intervals and half an hour interval thereafter. The return trips in the evening would leave Fort from 4.40PM at 20 minute intervals with the last bus at 6.30PM.

The passengers could;

  • Board the bus from pre-arranged locations on Galle Road closest to their homes
  • Park their vehicles at the secured facility at Angulana
  • Have themselves dropped off at the Park and Ride facility or on Galle Road.

The charges are as below;

Daily unlimited – Rs 200
Weekly unlimited (Mon to Sat) – Rs 800
Weekly One way (Mon to Sat) – Rs 400
Monthly unlimited – Rs 3200
Monthly one way – Rs 1600

Sources: Personal experience / Press Release

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This is a brief description about facilities that Sri Lankan Private Buses are offering.

1) Busss are timely arranged. So that people reach their destinations without a problem.

2) Bus Stops(Halts) are only spots where they stop

3) Always wait for people to get on and do that even more when people get down.

4) Bus Conductors communicate with people kindly and ask more than 2 times for bus fair just to double check.

5) Issue tickets immediately after paying

6) Help reducing traffic and embarrassment by not stopping at odd places on the road.

7) Only speed when people are in a hurry and do that in a very secure way as well.

8) Passengers do not have to have coins as the conductor always gives balance amount correctly.

9) Passengers who are standing can get back rubs or butt rubs from other passengers/ conductor and who are seated will surely get shoulder massage by conductors butt. All these are included in bus fair.

10) Female passengers will get addition massages in most buses from other male passengers and they will be advised (by conductors) to buy their own vehicle if they don’t like such facilities.

11) The all island private bus unions are taking all possible actions to raise their services as far as they can and they enter into brilliant people friendlier actions like strikes when governments do not help them to continue their facilities.

Note: Criticism is not to be used to insult anyone but just to learn and corrects the mistakes.

Please suggest any feature which is not listed here.

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